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The .TEL is a service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website. Realtime Register is official member of TELNIC. We can arrange your registration, transfer or change of your .TEL domain names quickly and efficient. The Registry for .TEL domain names you can find at

General availability

General Availability opens at 15:00 GMT on 24 March 2009.

How does the .TEL work?

The value of a .TEL domain lies with the ability to host personal (or corporate) contact information directly in the DNS, which can then be universally accessible. This stands in contrast to the typical use of the DNS for other TLDs, in which the DNS only provides a mapping between domain names and IP addresses.

Is it possible to create a web site on a .TEL domain?

No this is not possible. The TelHosting policy requires the registrar to disallows A-records that map .TEL domains to custom web sites. All .TEL domains point to a proxy page displaying contact information stored in the domain in a unified way.

How can a registrant manage contact information stored in the DNS of a .TEL domain?

After a succesful domain name registration, the registrant will receive his personal login and password credentials for the Telhosting platform (automatically send to the registrants email address). The Telhosting platform allows the registrant to add, remove or edit all of the contact information and save them directly into the DNS. This service is included in the domain registration fee.

Who can apply for the registration of .TEL domain names?

Anyone can register a .TEL domain name. The .TEL is designed for both individuals and companies.

Are there specific technical requirements for the registration of .TEL domain names?

The minimum number of characters in a .TEL domain is 3 and the maximum number is 63 not including the .TEL suffix. Every domain must contain at least one letter from a-z or “A to Z” in standard US ASCII script. No domain can begin or end with a hyphen nor can a domain have a hyphen in the 3rd and 4th position. A .TEL domain may not consist purely of digits.


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